Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why I commute from the beach to work

Got out of work, commuted home, walked across the street, took some pics, and surfed. Caught my first barrel too.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mt Lafayette Recon

After a record year in Jackson Hole, I ask myself "what's next?" I could possibly find myself in the Hole again, but, for the moment, other birds are callin me. Currently I am in Dover, NH looking for real world work and thinking about settling down for a bit. I hiked up Mt. Lafayette with Cider Insider Ciiii to enjoy the Whites and scout a little NH BC. The hike kicked my ass, and skinning it would be a bitch, but there is bc possibilities. I have seen a nice line skied there on youtube as well, so, if I am around next winter, Lafayette, amongst others, will be in mind. Until then, I will be gettin surfed out on my biweekly wind swell.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breaking records

Ater an epic season, a recap is long overdue. This winter started early, way back in early October and resulted in a 50 inch base and a top to bottom/wall to wall opening. It kept getting better. After every major pow day, a 6" refresher followed. Sherman came out on a whim, got smart and decided to stay. Lavigne returned and got his powdery vengeance. Parnell made it out and some epic runs despite his days being some of the few thatit didn't snow. Norris came out strong ater knee surgery, caught a sleeper storm and rode his Bukakke(Fusion Turns) Tsunami. When the season ended on 4/4, Jackson Hole calimed 557" and a 142" base. But it just kept coming, avalanche reports ended on 4/23 claiming 661" and a 148" base. On May 2, I hiked Teton Pass whith some friends. If you hadn't looked at the calendar, you would have thought it was January. It was a day just as good as any other, my first time riding in May. I attatched a quick vid from that day taken on my ipod just to give a quick view. Stay Silly -Schelling

WE.R.DNA Creative is Live!

Attention hoes, pimps, tricks, skeezers, and scallywags,

I launched my blog/freelance site a couple of weeks ago and finally have enough posts to make it official. Check it out when ya'll get a chance.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back in NH & the JHOLE vid

A couple of days ago I found myself midway up Cannon Mountain in Franconia, NH with my friend Chris. It was raining, getting dark, and patchy - the resort had been closed for over a week and dirt patches were the majority. The scenery was impressive though; the resort is tucked away in Franconia Notch with rocky, wrapping, misty, steep terrain bottlenecking route 93 in the background. Someone had built a small, waist high booter, which had surprising pop for my final method. That method, besides a future trip to Tuck's, would end an epic season which had begun far across the continent in Jackson, WY. But, the season at Jackson will be eternal in the fact it changed me as a rider. I enjoyed the turns down Cannon that afternoon, and I still want more.

Here is the vid from this season at JHole.


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